Relieve your mind on your journey to work.

Help your workers reach the perfect psychological state

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The experience for the vehicle of tomorrow.
Everything is possible thanks just to a simple webcam,
connected to an extremely powerful and ultra-technological beating heart...
...that simply read your face protecting your sensitive data*
and understand immediatly your predominant emotion.
This allow Movel to create the perfect tailor-made experience
just by changing the environment's conditions of your personal space,
calibrating the lights on your physiological needs
and stimulating the body with immersive sound frequencies.
You will start your working day in a completely new way
relaxed, proactive and stimulated by the journey and by the carpooling experience
This is Movel
This is the new you

B2B autonomous car service
improving mental condition on board to affect productivity.

Workers of the future will increasingly have mental tasks rather than technical tasks in their future works.


1 in 5 European workers
spend 90 minutes or more of their time on their way to and from work.

Source: Transport Policy


An adaptive system to improve employees' mental well-being

Movel can help to improve their mental well-being while travelling to/from the office.


How might we exploit the journey to work to improve the mental condition of employees?


Movel analysis facial expressions to set up an internal environment suited to you

Software used


The perfect car environment to relieve the mind during your daily journey to work.

What we control:

Light system

Sound system

Environmenal temperature


Booking system for administration and employees